28 January 2016
SPL 1.8
29 July 2016
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Milling Machine SF245/2

The MILLING MACHINE SF245/2 is a semi automatic shaping machine for polyurethane sponge.

The machine has pneumatic mechanization activated by using an electronic control. In the top central part of the machine, there is the crankcase which covers the mills. It also acts as a dust conveyor. On the upper side there are two working arms, equipped with plates with four needles to keep the sponge, which shall be shaped, in place. In the direction of the plate underneath, there is the shape to realize. The change of the shape form is possible through the replacement of the plate and the shape located at the front end of the arm. The change in the profile of the detail to mill both in geometry and in height is possible by substituting the mills, which are in the central crankcase.
**Images used are for illustrative purposes only. The machines are subject to change depending on technical innovations and adjustments**