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29 July 2016
28 June 2017
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Michelangelo SCV

The Michelangelo machine is available in the SCV model, characterized by a maximum cutting height of 600 mm. The Michelangelo SCV is an electronic vertical contour cutter for cutting fabrics and synthetic fibers, plastic foam and polyurethane foam; cutting area of 2500mm x 2200mm and speeds up to 65 m/min, computerised control of the upper head during raising and lowering and of the sharpening system. T

The characteristics of the Michelangelo SCV are:

  • High speed cutting (65 m/min);
  • High quality precision contour cutting and detail cutting;
  • High precision on small details;
  • Versatility of its functions.
The Michelangelo SCV is used in the following sectors: technical, padding, cars, aeronautical, acoustic, insulation, fruit and vegetable, domestic and packaging.